Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Switched Parties - Who Cares?

One of the most famous politicians to have switched parties was Ronald Reagan, and he went on to champion his party and became president.  What was his reason for switching?  He had said, that he didn't leave his party, his party left him.  I am sure that the GOP was happy maybe ecstatic that he converted to become a conservative standard bearer.  Switched parties; who cares?  In this case the Democrats

In Bucks County, Pa. the last Democrat Congressman in the then District 8 (now 1) was an Independent turned Democrat before the primary season & who admittedly voted for George W. Bush.  He then went on to defeat a popular Republican incumbent and is a very popular leader in the Dem Party.  Switched parties; who cares?  In this case the Republicans.

Now for the 2018 primary the Bucks County Democrats have a choice between a young woman, who happened to have been a Republican turned Democrat and the endorsed candidate, a rich white guy who has been a Democrat but, didn't even want to run in the first place.  He was picked because (my opinion) of his bank account.  Shame on all those so called heavy hitters who backed out of a Congressional fight.

Now if all the party hardliners can hold against this young lady is her switching of parties; well I hope her actions convinces thousands of other Republicans to switch also.  If the party is endorsing this gentleman just because he is a walking dollar sign - then the Bucks County Democrats have become no different then the Republicans.

The switching of parties makes for good campaign literature and propaganda; just think of those who would be disqualified just for seeing their convictions.  It should be about passion and vision and as in any belief, a convert can at times show the old timers what passion and vision are all about.

Switched parties; who cares?  Not me,  I care about the passion, belief, vision and conviction of the candidate.  Switching parties shouldn't matter, but maybe setting a standard of endorsing rich white guys should be looked at.  How many good people would be held back from running for office because of such a standard?  

Saturday, March 24, 2018

What about the People?

Today (3-24-18) is a historic day in the culture of America.  Washington DC is being taken over by the youth of a America to let the politicians and NRA know that they are not going to take gun violence anymore.  The massacre of our young in schools is not to be tolerated.  The massacre of anyone who goes about their lives safely is uncalled for.  No one should have their lives snuffed out by a deranged person who got their hands, even legally, on an automatic weapon.  A weapon that is far from being used for the hunting of animals; but for the hunting humans.  How many more bodies need to be buried until the politicians put a stop to it?

The late Senator Paul Wellstone once said "Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement people's lives."  Now ask yourself, is that being done?

There is a way for change and the youth may just do that, and how, by finally voting the bums out.... They owe the politicians nothing but they are owed everything.  Mostly living safely - we all deserve that.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sour Grapes...

This past election was a very historic one for local municipalites  all throughout the Bucks County Pa area.  Some townships after decades of one party rule (Republicans) and in some cases one party corruption; either monetary or corrupt decision making, have voted in change.  Now that they have been toppled the sore losers come out and are already to making their complaints.

In the past they have appointed every crony they could to boards and commissions, excluding well qualified Democrats that wanted to contribute to their township.  Making appointments at the end of meeting known as Old Business, so that there members are taken by surprised.  Some elected officials are just doing the duty of the high ups at the County level, why? because they want to move up - just temporarily pretending to care for the township where they live.

Some thinking that their elected position gave they the power to say "don't you know who I am," when caught DUI.... Using the position that was given by the people to threaten police officers who are doing their job.  It is amazing that people like this are now big babies because they lost and are now out of jobs. Jobs gotten because of patronage and making rich donors & elected high ups happy.  Lackeys with no integrity to say the least. Instead of showing that they care about the community (and not just themselves) they cry the blues.

Maybe it's time to stop thinking about yourself, your advancement, your kissing ass and do something that will help.  People will not care what you know or do until they know you care.... And not just about yourself.  Before you throw stone from your thin glass home; remember what you did to lose the faith of the people.....

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Time For Progressives to Progress

Well I hope all the crying and complaining is over and Progressives realize it is time to move on.  (No pun intended) Apparently the Democrats forgot what the word Progressive means and just tried to give us the same old.  We need to progress for the next 2 years and realize that we "The Democrats" are the party of the people.  We were out played by a huckster who just wanted to make a joke out of the process & in doing that he became the President-Elect and soon to be sworn in President.

Wake up and realize that our candidate, although superior to her rival, did not communicate properly the the working class voter.  She took for granite that she was the supposed anointed one and would breeze in to the Oval Office.  I don't understand that as things got close to the end that her Cracker Jack team still didn't realize that they could possibly lose to this con man. A big shame on her and her team.  They were just plain out coached and that was it.

So what now.  The Democrats have to be more vigilante and take the time and effort to examine who they will run for office - from the local end all the way to the top.  Howard Dean had it right when he established the 50 state plan from the bottom up.  It did produce many victories; from school boards to the congress.  It is time to see if it can be done again and or refined to produce results.  There was a reason why Vince Lombardi had the Packers run the famous Packer sweep all the time - It was successful.

So let's stop crying and act like the offices are ours just because;  but we have to figure out how to gain the MOJO back and realize that it is always about change and not the same old thing.
We need to move forward and make progress by being PROGRESSIVE.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A 3rd party didn't cause you the race - you did, and get over it.

I am always amazed at how candidates and their followers always blame a 3rd party candidate when their hero loses.  Perfect point has alway been the Gore campaign blaming Ralph Nader.  But didn't the Gore people know that Nadar was running and plan for the votes he might take and address their energies to that.  I bet not because they just took for granted they would win - well that is not shame on Nadar but shame on Gore.  Also how about the fact that if Gore had only won his home state of Tennessee there would have been no Florida; go do the numbers cry babies.

Now in 2016 we have a Presidential election with two of the most unpopular candidates ever in a two party system that only we here in the United States have, and we are not to peruse a 3rd party because we are told out vote won't count.  To the contrary it would count much more because the sacrafice to cast a vote you truly believe in  will send a message that things need to change and become more democratic.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump see all the polls that include the independent candidates and should know that they are in the race and will garner votes.  Don't squawk and cry about it the day after if you happen to lose.  We need candidates who earn our votes and don't think that the deserve our vote because they are a Democrat or Republican.

So rock on to those who want to be independent and vote their mind instead of party.  With guts and determination we will eventually get a strong third and fourth party and finally have a true choice. If it is not done I feel sorry for future generations who will only have to choose between the 1% haves to rule our country.   Hey wait a minute isn't that happening now.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bad Behavior Gets Rewarded

We have bad behavior all over in politics today, from the presidential level; but it also happens at the local level, and that is where people's lives are the most effected by corrupt politicians...

Here in the lovely rolling hills of Bucks County Pa there is probably more corruption per capita then in many major cities; which usually monitor corruption.  If you happen to sit on the side of the isle that is in power and you kiss enough ass and you are willing to sell your integrity to the devil you will get ahead - all at the cost of the taxpayers and people who voted for you to do the right thing.

In Newtown there was (because he got promoted) a supervisor who was arrested for a DUI, in the process of that arrest threatened the police officer's job by using his position as a supervisor; a position given to him by the voters.  Usually for doing such a thing a person of integrity does some sort of penance - not him,  not even a formal apology to his fellow supervisors.  His legal judgement was just as much of a joke, to the poor police man and the department for that fact, because he only got a slap on the wrist for what he did.  Why? Because he had happened to be the webmaster for the joke of a DA Bucks County has.

In the meantime he has lied to the public, used scare tactics in neighborhoods so that large money contributing builders would get their way and more housing density to the detriment of those neighborhoods.  He has tried to bid rig for certain construction firms, firms owned by high ranking power brokers within his party.  He is and will always be in the pocket of a State Senator that has been using him since he became a supervisor.

The sad part is that this supervisor just go an appointment to a high paying $90K row office in the county because he has been a good soldier (like a German or Mafia soldier).  The Governor was warned - well at least his lieutenants were - of this supervisor's bad behavior; and what was done - he was rewarded for the bad behavior.  Just not fair to those public servants who want to serve the public and not the power brokers.

Now I know and I am not naive that these things happen on both sides of the political isle, and that is even sadder.  Don't the people deserve better?  Of course they do - but they have to pay attention first and study up on who they are voting for and not just become sheep being lead to the voting booth.  Ask for those who are helping you to be reward when the time comes - because they will do right by the voters - and the voters need better then what they are getting..... Whether nationally or locally - the voters are the most powerful on election day.

As for this supervisor rewarded for bad behavior.  He may be laughing at all of us thinking he has gotten ahead; but he will always be bought and paid for and sold his integrity and any good intentions he may have had; that is until someone cheaper comes along and he is tossed a side, because he is one that can't be trusted even by the corrupt bosses.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Send a message as a point of principles and having balls.

Here in Pa we have a law that allows a person who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon the permission to carry that gun in a park.  A park where children play, people gather to relax and want some peace.  The only breaking of this law is the discharge of the gun.  So some one who may get angry for any reason gets their muscles pumping and pulls out their legal gun and if even accidentally discharges it.....  well the broke the law but who is going to put the bullet back in the gun.

When this law was first presented a few years ago my fellow board members were afraid to vote against it (I did) because some almighty power said we "HAD TO".....  I thought it would have been nice to send a message that we did not agree......  who and why does anyone need to carry a gun in a park....  oh but of course to protect us against the lunatic carrying  the other gun.... or maybe the two lunatics are two angry parents.

I asked my board the other night that it would be a great sign of principle if we were to contact our state representative or state senator of our opposition to this irrational law.  The only one to agree and say anything was my fellow Democrat Board member Jen Dix.  The other's sat there and said nothing - one being a candidate for the new State Representative office.....  now whether or not a lonely township like ours could change anything may be a long shot....  but it may have started something.....  but three ball-less members said nothing and what kind of leader with that State Rep candidate would be if he is afraid now to address any controversial issue.